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by on Jun.25, 2009, under GasMate


For those of you who have an old version(not this one) of GasMate you must follow the instructions in order to upgrade to the new version. I have made a change to the database(added cost in maintenance table) and therefore you must export the data and re-import it.

  1. Export your current data that is in GasMate.
  2. Open the CSV file in a text editor(openoffice/excel break it by adding/removing quotes) and make the following change:
    Change: M,”234″,”Oil Change”,”2009-06-25 21:32:57″,”notes”
    To: M,”234″,”Oil Change”,”2009-06-25 21:32:57″,”COST”,”Notes”
    where cost must be a number
    PLEASE NOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have used quotes for the data to make sure nothing bad happens. The quotes are ONLY on the data, and not on the headers. Adding or changing the quote format WILL break stuff.
  3. Go to the directory where GasMate is installed(Program Files/GasMate) and delete the file GASMATE.SDF (database).
  4. Download the new cab
  5. Install the new cab
  6. Import the old data(modified csv) into GasMate

If you do not wish to keep your data, you can just delete the sdf file then install the new version.

If you do not have GasMate installed, you do not need to worry about this.

As always, .NET CF3.5 and SQLCE are required.


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  • Larry Jackman

    After updating to .26b, when I start GasMate, I get an error message, “An unexpected error has occurred in GasMate.exe. Select Quit and then restart this program, or select Details for more information. [cost]”
    Tried reinstalling, etc., but no success. However, reinstalling .25c works fine.

    When clicking on Details, I get the following:
    System.Data.SqlServerCe.SqlCeCommand.ProcessResults(Int32 hr)
    System.Data.SqlServerCe.SqlCeCommand.ExecuteCommand(CommandBehavior behavior, String method,

    and it goes on for about another 30 lines or error message.

  • Daniel

    Did you export, edit the CSV, delete the database, then reinstall?

  • Joseph

    When putting in the data for ODO, is there a certain amount of numbers that can be put after the decimal?
    It appears to crash when I put a gallon value with a decimal, or maybe it is the ODO reading with a decimal… I don’t have my records with me to verify right now.

  • Daniel

    It seems that you have found a bug. I never tried putting in decimals. I will try to fix it by the next release.


  • Ray

    I am having a problem with the “Miles Since” section of the MPG page. My last oil change was at 21619, the Miles since Oil change shows 22176 on the MPG page. Also the Tire Rotation shows 17344 on the MPG page, but the last tire rotation was done at 15925. Any help would be appreicated.

  • Ray

    By the way my current mileage is 22692.

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