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What’s to come…..

by on Jun.28, 2009, under GasMate

In trying to make the app more finger friendly I have been working on changing up the UI a little bit….here is a quick sample of what I am doing.  Instead of typing in the number, you just tap the numbers to increment them.  When you start the app it will remember the last ODO reading and put that in to make it easier.  The same will happen for gallons and price.


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GasMate Beta .26b

by on Jun.25, 2009, under GasMate


For those of you who have an old version(not this one) of GasMate you must follow the instructions in order to upgrade to the new version. I have made a change to the database(added cost in maintenance table) and therefore you must export the data and re-import it.

  1. Export your current data that is in GasMate.
  2. Open the CSV file in a text editor(openoffice/excel break it by adding/removing quotes) and make the following change:
    Change: M,”234″,”Oil Change”,”2009-06-25 21:32:57″,”notes”
    To: M,”234″,”Oil Change”,”2009-06-25 21:32:57″,”COST”,”Notes”
    where cost must be a number
    PLEASE NOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have used quotes for the data to make sure nothing bad happens. The quotes are ONLY on the data, and not on the headers. Adding or changing the quote format WILL break stuff.
  3. Go to the directory where GasMate is installed(Program Files/GasMate) and delete the file GASMATE.SDF (database).
  4. Download the new cab
  5. Install the new cab
  6. Import the old data(modified csv) into GasMate

If you do not wish to keep your data, you can just delete the sdf file then install the new version.

If you do not have GasMate installed, you do not need to worry about this.

As always, .NET CF3.5 and SQLCE are required.


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GasMate Beta .25c

by on Jun.21, 2009, under GasMate

Ok everyone…..import is working! However, I have changed the format slightly to make this easier to parse, so exports must be done from this version or higher to be re-imported.  They will NOT overwrite current entries, but if there is a match a message will come up and it will not be entered. The format for the CSV is as follows:

Export from GasMate Beta .25b

,Date,ODO,Gallons,Price/Gal,Fuel Type,Total Cost,MPG,Gal/100mi
G,”2009-06-21 12:43:53″,”2345234″,”23″,”23″,”Premium(91)”,”529″,”First”,”First”

,ODO,Work Done,Date,Notes,
M,”23423″,”Oil Change”,”2009-06-21 12:43:53″,”notes lulz”

The G and M in front tell the program that it is a gas or maint row. The last two values in the gas table are NOT necessary in that the program calculates them when it runs, so if you are importing from other data you do not need to worry about them.

Other notes:

  • Changed Date format to yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss (fixes bugs when people override date in NLS)
  • Added warning before nuking full table


Please let me know how it works out!


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GasMate Beta .24e

by on Jun.19, 2009, under GasMate


  • New update screen with details when there is an update
  • Warning before backdated or back-mileage input, but allowed. Don’t be stupid, but I had this before you could delete rows… now if something screws up you can just delete the offending row
  • Re-disabled import button because it isn’t done…planned for this weekend

Those of you with .24a or b will be able to update right from GasMate.



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Beta .24b

by on Jun.15, 2009, under GasMate

This is just a slight change….

If you are checking for updates automatically it will only tell you if you HAVE an update, so no more nagging.


P.S. Added “AddType application/x-cab-compressed cab” to the .htaccess and now it downloads every time!

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GasMate Beta .24a

by on Jun.14, 2009, under GasMate

There is only one major change that I have done in this version…..


You can check the box to have it check for updates on every start or you can click the button to manually update.

2009 06 14_15 49 55_0012_111a



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GasMate Beta .23b

by on Jun.12, 2009, under GasMate

New version of GasMate tonight(beta .23b)! Changes this time around:

  • Metric radio button works!
  • Added L/100km / G/100mi
  • New costs on front page
  • Bug fixes, code optimization


SqlCe and CF3.5 are required!

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by on Jun.10, 2009, under GasMate

Just a note, I have gotten metric working.  I have decided to just add Units/100 units to both Imperial and Metric to make shit easier.  Since I have not fully tested it I am not releasing it yet, but I will try to either tomorrow or Friday.

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Just an update

by on Jun.09, 2009, under GasMate

Ive been working on GasMate in the evenings this week working on bugs and cleaning up the code.  Since so many people are asking about certain features I have yet to implement, I quickly created a roadmap for development of GasMate.  I want to get all the features working before I start to work on multiple cars.  The goal is each level completed in around 2 weeks. When the time for multiple cars approaches, I will need to change the database, but I will work on either something to migrate the data or give instructions on how to import an older export(with modifications)  into the new version.


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GasMate Beta .21d

by on Jun.07, 2009, under GasMate

.21 went through 4 iterations before I was satisfied.

This release will install seamlessly over .20c. Changes this version:

  • Added export to CSV(works with excel!)
  • Added “delete this row” buttons so that you do not loose the whole table
  • Put in UI elements where they will eventually be for import, change of units


As always you will need the .NET 3.5 CF and SqlCe3.5


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