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As I have opted to respond by email to errors posted, I thought I would give an overview of what certain errors mean, and what to do about them.

If you do not have SQLCE installed, you will get this error:

File or assembly name
version= culture=neutral,
or one of its dependencies, was not

The solution to this is to install the SQLCE cabs I have hosted or download it from Microsoft.

If you have an old version of GasMate, you might get an error similar to this:

[ cost ]

at System.Data.SqlServerCe.SqlCeCommand.ProcessResult s(Int32 hr)
at System.Data.SqlServerCe.SqlCeCommand.CompileQueryP lan()
at System.Data.SqlServerCe.SqlCeCommand.ExecuteComman d(CommandBehavior behavior, String method, ResultSetOptions options)
at System.Data.SqlServerCe.SqlCeCommand.ExecuteReader (CommandBehavior behavior)
at System.Data.SqlServerCe.SqlCeCommand.ExecuteDbData Reader(CommandBehavior behavior)
at System.Data.Common.DbCommand.System.Data.IDbComman d.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior behavior)
at System.Data.Common.DbDataAdapter.FillInternal(Data Set dataset, DataTable[] datatables, Int32 startRecord, Int32 maxRecords, String srcTable, IDbCommand command, CommandBehavior behavior)
at System.Data.Common.DbDataAdapter.Fill(DataTable[] dataTables, Int32 startRecord, Int32 maxRecords, IDbCommand command, CommandBehavior behavior)
at System.Data.Common.DbDataAdapter.Fill(DataTable dataTable)
at GasMate.GasMateDataSetTableAdapters.maintTableAdap ter.Fill(maintDataTable dataTable)
at GasMate.Form1.Form1_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e)
at System.Windows.Forms.Form.OnLoad(EventArgs e)
at System.Windows.Forms.Form._SetVisibleNotify(Boolea n fVis)
at System.Windows.Forms.Control.set_Visible(Boolean value)
at System.Windows.Forms.Application.Run(Form fm)
at GasMate.Program.Main()

The solution to this is to either delete the database, or export your data and modify it to re-import it.

If you have a smartphone(WM Standard), you will get this error:

System.Windows.Forms.Control._InitInstance(WNT wnt, UInt32 dwStyle)
System.Windows.Forms.Control..ctor(WNT wnt)
at GasMate.Form1.InitializeComponent()
at GasMate.Form1..ctor()
at GasMate.Program.Main()

Unfortunately at this time, WM Standard does not support some of the form elements I am using in GasMate. Later on there is the possibility of a fork that will work on WM Standard.

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8 Comments for this entry

  • jason

    Thank you so much for this really like the the work you have done. Keep up the good work. Is there some place total cost of fuel is without adding up all the line on the records page?

  • Daniel

    No there is not somewhere the total cost is. I only have the info on the front page.

  • Joseph

    Great work! I love the program
    Feature request!
    Profiles for more than one car?
    Another tab to store car data such as year, model, VIN number, model of air filter, etc?
    Also, would you add a decimal to the Odometer? I’m just insanely anal about being accurate… 😛

    Thanks so much for this great program!

  • Daniel

    Multiple cars and car info will be part of the long term plans. Right now I am just trying to get a “stable” release for one car. As for the decimal places, it was crashing so I removed it but if I can figure out the bug I will put it back in.

  • Rob

    Hello, I just got a samsung omnia and tried installing this. I installed 3.5 Net and both sqlce since I didn’t know which to use. I got the error you mentioned for a smartphone windows mobile standard but my ‘about’ says I have windows mobile professional. Is there something I’m missing?


  • Domenick

    I have .net cf 3.5 and SQLCE installed and I’m still getting the error you are showing above. I’ve tried this on the factory and a custom rom and get the same results. Any suggestions?

  • Daniel

    What device, have you done a soft reset after installing SQLCE, what rom etc….

  • Dale

    HTC Fuze phone
    16Gb memory card
    OS: WM 6.5 Pro
    CE OS 5.2.23009 (Build 23009.5.3.0)
    ROM version: 5.11.502.2 WWE
    ROM Image: DynastyROM.v.1.0.2-BETA – xda-developers

    SQLCE from this website installed and soft reset

    Error posted:

    File or assembly name
    version= culture=neutral,
    or one of its dependencies, was not found.

    Hope this helps……

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